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How Alabamans are Coming Together during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the worst viral outbreaks America has ever had to deal with. Each day, tens of thousands are testing positive for the virus, and thousands have already died from it. To deal with the COVID-19 crisis, most state governments have taken the unprecedented step of shutting down nonessential businesses in issuing “stay-at-home” orders. This effort is intended to slow the spread of the virus and keep our hospitals from not having the resources they need to treat patients.

There is no one who is immune from the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Whether we contract the disease or not, eventually, we are all likely to know someone who has it, and every one of us has had our lives disrupted in some way by the measures that have been taken to mitigate its effects. This makes the COVID-19 pandemic one of those rare experiences that is shared by all Americans, and more than any other event, we can truly say of this crisis that “we are all in this together”.

As with other crises we have faced in the past, Alabamans and Americans across the country are stepping up to help those who are having a hard time dealing with the effects of the outbreak. Here are some of the ways local communities are coming together to help their neighbors during this difficult time:

Food Delivery to Shut-Ins and Frontline Workers

There are many folks who are elderly or have high-risk health conditions and are afraid to leave their homes to get groceries and other essential items. This has prompted many others to step up and make sure the most vulnerable in their communities are taking care of. There are stories of Uber drivers who deliver groceries to the elderly between trips, and many others have gone out of their way to make sure those at highest risk have what they need.

While many of us are at home, there are those who are on the front lines working tirelessly to get us through this crisis. These include healthcare workers, truck drivers, and those who work at grocery stores and other stores that provide essential supplies. There has been a movement to help these people out even in some small way by having pizza and other food delivered to them. Some restaurants are also taking care of our truck drivers by providing them with free meals and curbside delivery.

Getting Masks into the Hands of Frontline Workers

Individuals who are working on the front lines run a higher risk of exposure to the virus than those who are at home. One way those at home are helping out is to provide masks that frontline workers can wear in public while they serve others. They purchase the materials, then sew homemade masks out of them. Some manufacturing businesses have also dedicated some of their capacity toward making masks. These and similar efforts are helping to alleviate the shortage of masks we have.

Supporting Local Nonprofits

Local nonprofits that provide essential services such as food shelters have been hit very hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Many of their volunteers are elderly individuals or others with high-risk conditions, and understandably, they have had to step back and stay safe at home while we ride this out. Many others who are healthy but stuck at home because of a sudden job loss or another reason have decided to step up and take their place in order to help keep the shelters staffed. And some who cannot help out personally are choosing to give financial donations to local charities.

Supporting Local Businesses

Many small businesses have been shut down or forced to severely limit their services because of the COVID-19 outbreak. For example, restaurants that are still open are only able to provide takeout and delivery. Recognizing that these local businesses are hurting, many consumers are trying to patronize them in any way they can. This can be done either by ordering food now or purchasing a gift card to be used later on.

Burge & Burge is Here to Help

Whenever Americans are faced with a major challenge, it brings out the best in us. The effort to combat the coronavirus is no different. At Burge & Burge, we are doing what we can to support the local community as well, and we are also available if you need experienced legal representation. Like everyone else, we are working remotely these days, and we are following all of the precautions and guidelines that have been recommended and mandated by the government.

Access to the courts is limited, and it will take longer for cases to move through the justice system. However, we are confident that courts will be fully functional again in the near future. In the meantime, there is still a lot we can do to move forward with your cases.

To schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team, message us online or call our office today at 205-251-9000.

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