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Risks Posed by Debris on Construction Sites

Construction sites are full of hazards, especially if a pedestrian or passerby happens to stumble onto an unmanned or abandoned construction area. Even construction workers with extensive knowledge of on-site dangers are at risk of serious injury, so the risk is considerably higher for those who have no experience in this field.

The presence of debris, unneeded equipment, and trash can create serious dangers for everyone in the vicinity. In some cases, an unorganized or poorly managed construction site can even cause fatal injuries.

If you’ve suffered a serious injury on a construction site, either as a worker or as an outsider, you may be entitled to compensation. Learn more about your options now by calling Burge & Burge at 205-980-6065.

Types of Dangerous Debris

Depending on the type of work being done on a construction site, there may be many types of debris present. Common sources of injuries include:

  • Spilled oil or other liquids that heighten the risk of slips and falls
  • Dangerous chemicals or flammable materials that heighten the risk of explosions or fires
  • Unsecured items that can fall on passersby or fly into the road during inclement weather
  • Nails, screws, and other small pieces
  • Chunks of drywall, wood, or concrete that can strike passing cars

These materials are dangerous in a variety of ways. Some simply heighten the risk of a physical accident. For example, chunks of plywood can fall on pedestrians and cause head injuries or be blown onto passing cars, causing accidents.

Others are health risks. When hazardous materials are left unguarded, they can spill or interact with other chemicals. This creates a situation where explosions or fires are extremely likely. These types of items must be stored and disposed of properly to avoid dangerous incidents.

Accidents Caused by Debris

A wide range of accidents are linked to unsafe conditions at construction sites. Some accidents primarily impact outsiders or pedestrians who just happen to be in the vicinity of a worksite. Pedestrians can suffer traumatic brain injuries, falls, or bone breaks when hit by falling debris from a construction worksite. The same may happen if they are near a worksite during windy weather or other unsafe conditions.

Other types of debris are more dangerous on roadways. Piles of work materials, unsecured tools, and hanging items can become airborne in windy or dangerous weather. Even if these items don’t strike a car as they fall, they can cause cars to swerve out of the way and cause an accident.

Construction workers are at risk for all of these accidents and more. When hazardous materials are improperly stored or disposed of on a worksite, construction workers are the ones most likely to bear the brunt of the resulting damage.

Seeking Compensation for a Construction Site Accident

If you’ve been injured by construction debris, you may wonder how you can seek compensation. If you are a pedestrian or passing driver, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the liable party or parties. This allows you to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to your accident. This is a fairly straightforward process, but you should still choose an attorney with extensive experience in construction accident claims.

If you are injured while working as a construction worker, your options are a bit more complicated. First, you can seek workers’ compensation. This pays part of your lost wages and covers medical bills associated with the injury. However, you cannot bring a personal injury claim against your employer or a coworker, even if their negligence directly caused your injuries.

You may still be able to file a third-party claim to seek full compensation if the liable party is not your employer or anyone employed by your employer. For example, if a subcontractor at the worksite left their tools unattended and the tool fell and hit you on the head, you may have a claim against them. If the gas company showed up to do work at the site and failed to secure their items, any resulting injuries may be their responsibility.

Find Out How Burge & Burge Can Help

Whether you’re an injured pedestrian, driver, or construction worker, you may be entitled to compensation after an injury caused by construction debris. Take the first step in your claim now by calling us at 205-251-9000 or reaching out to us online.

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