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Car Accident Lawyers in Cullman, Alabama

Car accidents remain one of the leading causes of accidental death in the United States, and this statistic doesn’t care whether you live in a big city like Birmingham or one of the smaller cities to the north such as Cullman.

Home to more than 15,000 residents, Cullman has its share of serious auto accidents due to its combination of rural roads and busy thoroughfares such as I-65, U.S. Hwy 31, and U.S. Hwy 278. If you’ve been involved in an accident in this area due to the fault of another party, the experienced Cullman auto accident attorneys are ready to advocate for your rights and help you pursue just compensation.


Accidents and Injuries on Cullman’s Roads

With each passing year, it becomes more hazardous to get behind the wheel of a vehicle in this country and specifically in Alabama. In 2016, there were 155,907 total car crashes in the state resulting in 47,653 injuries and 1,089 deaths. The number of crashes increased 5.73% from the prior year, and the number of fatalities skyrocketed over 28%.

The city of Cullman is the seat of Cullman County, which had 2,413 auto accidents in 2016. Those crashes resulted in more than 700 injuries and 25 fatalities. Of the crashes in Cullman County, just over half (55%) took place in urban areas while the rest occurred in rural sections of the county. The NHTSA reports that there were 28.89 fatalities for every 100,000 residents in Cullman County in 2016. This is a significant increase from a fatality figure of 17.34 just three years earlier.

Causes of Alabama Car Crashes

One of the reasons that we are seeing such an increase in accidents, injuries, and deaths on the road is that there are more vehicles to contend with and people are simply driving more. In Alabama alone, the total miles traveled last year was 69.6 billion, an increase of 1.62% over the prior year. The number of licensed drivers in the state also increased to a total of just over 3.9 million.

Lying between the cities of Birmingham, Huntsville, and Decatur, many of Cullman’s residents either commute on I-65 for work each day or travel the highway to reach these areas for other purposes. I-65 links six of the state’s ten largest cities, traveling through 367 miles of the Alabama countryside. Sections of the highway have certain nostalgic dedications while others are known for their tragic and deadly accidents.

Whether you were involved in a crash on this dangerous highway or another busy road around Cullman, there are some common causes of Alabama accidents. These include:

  • Excessive speed remains the most common cause of vehicle accidents in the United States. In fact, speeding is the cause of up to one-third of all car crash fatalities.
  • Careless Driving. Aside from speed, a driver may drive carelessly or even recklessly when they ignore the rules of the road, disobey traffic signals, and drive in a manner that is unsafe for weather or light conditions.
  • Distracted Driving. A growing problem and cause of accidents is distracted driving. Any time a driver is doing something other than paying attention to the road, they are putting the lives of others at risk.
  • Fatigued Driving. Whether it is a driver who is tired from a long commute or a cross-country trucker that is fighting to stay awake in their 18-wheeler, drowsy driving accidents are often deadly because the driver’s don’t slow down and these crashes can be head-on collisions.
  • Driving while under the influence of any substance is both illegal and a dangerous choice that can destroy the lives of other drivers and passengers.
  • Mechanical Failure. When a vehicle’s mechanical parts fail, this can cause a serious accident resulting in injury or even death.


How One Car Accident Can Change Your Life

No one likes to think about the unpleasant implications of a tragic event, but these crashes are more common that many of us want to believe. According to the Alabama Department of Transportation’s latest figures, the probability of an Alabamian being involved in an accident of any severity in their lifetime is 98%. Based on 2016 data, Alabama drivers also have a one in three chance of being either injured or killed in a crash during their lifetime. These are terrifying thoughts, particularly when other drivers carry your life in their hands.

Even a minor fender bender can cause some expensive damage to your vehicle and result in serious injuries. When you’ve been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you are likely left with feelings of anger and frustration. Not only do you have to deal with auto repairs, but you also have to seek appropriate medical care for your injuries, may lose time from work, and could face additional expenses from this event.

People who were injured in car crashes in the state of Alabama have the right to take legal action to claim compensation for their injuries. Unfortunately, our state doesn’t make this a simple process. Not only must you prove that the other party was negligent, but you will also need to show that the negligence was the cause of your injuries. If the courts find that you were even one percent at fault in your accident, they will not allow you to collect damages in a personal injury case. This is just one of the reasons why it’s vital that you speak with a qualified Alabama auto accident attorney as soon as possible after your crash.

Speak With an Experienced Cullman Auto Accident Attorney

Auto accidents are common in the state of Alabama, but that does not mean that you wouldn’t benefit from hiring an attorney. The insurance company wants you to believe that they have your best interests in mind, but the opposite is the case. We recommend that you only report the accident to your insurance company but avoid giving a statement or signing any paperwork until you speak with an attorney.

The personal injury attorneys at Burge & Burge, PC are dedicated to helping car accident victims throughout the Cullman area. We will thoroughly review your case, discuss your options, and determine the best course of action to recover full and fair compensation for your losses. Contact our office now at 205-251-9000 or online to schedule a free consultation.